When shipping goods, among the many things to be considered, is timing. A good rule of thumb is to ship early to avoid unpredictable delays. This becomes all the more crucial when shipping time-sensitive goods.

Trojan Horse Truck Services is well-versed in dealing with time sensitivity. Whether shipping with us or independently, all the basics you need to know about shipping time-sensitive goods boils down to these steps, tips, and tactics.

Check for Available Delivery Services

When in a time-crunch, you still have to carefully select a delivery service that will fit your needs and preferences. If you have clients waiting on your goods to arrive by a specific date, you must not delay shipment with the idea you have enough time — especially during the holiday season rife with delays both expected and unexpected. Carefully choose the correct shipping method to avoid any delay or late shipments.

Plan Shipping Logistics Based on Product Type

While it is good practice to ship items in advance to avoid delays, this goes double if you are dealing with time-sensitive goods such as food, medicine, or other perishable and/or fragile items. Make it a habit to send out your goods at the soonest possible time. This way you can be guaranteed that they will be delivered on time and prevent them from getting caught in the rush.

Prepare and Pack

Make sure that the order is complete and that the items are correctly sealed and carefully packaged before shipping. When in doubt, err on the side of overpackaging than underpackaging, especially when dealing with fragile goods. Unavoidable accidents such as scrapes, bumps, and knocks during shipping and transportation might still occur, and you want to take this into consideration.

The materials you use to pack items play an important part in protection during the transportation process. Apart from any default product packaging, it’s recommended to secure the item further in layers of bubble wrap placed inside a larger box to make sure that they are protected against standard rough travel.

Efficient management of delivery routes

Make Sure the Packages Are Labeled Properly and Meet the Shipping Requirements

The goods must be properly labeled and meet the shipping requirements — which you must have on hand prior to shipping — to avoid administratorial issues during the shipment. The temperature of the goods must be labeled properly as well to keep the goods and time-sensitive items protected during transportation.

Be Ready

An important and perhaps obvious thing when shipping time-sensitive products is to have them ready on time for pickup. Even after going for an express delivery option, a delay on your end can affect the timing of the process down the road. Delays on the shipment starting from your end will cause problems and even cause the spoiling of food and medicines even before they reach their destination.

Communicate and Coordinate with the Trucking Services You Hired

When shipping time-sensitive goods, you must let the trucking services know the sensitivity of the shipment, both verbally and in written form, to avoid any misunderstanding. Make sure to let them know about any particular shipping needs to avoid mistakes or issues during transportation.

Give Importance to the Last-Mile Service

When your goods are being shipped from another state or country, you must emphasize the final stage or the last-mile service. The last-mile service determines how the goods will arrive at the specified destination address. This is a critical part of the shipping process that can affect the timing and result of the delivery and the condition of the goods. The last mile will ultimately make or break your reputation. It sets the tone for client satisfaction and is a key determinant in customer retention.

Ensuring compliance with industry regulations

Hire Reliable Trucking Services

This is part of the last mile. A reliable trucking company such as Trojan Horse Truck Services will only hire professional and trustworthy drivers who will do everything to keep your goods damage-free. We handle all your items properly and carefully and make sure they arrive at their destination. We do our best from pick-up to delivery of your items with the reassurance that we will keep your goods and items safe and sound — and on time. For clarity and communication, our drivers have cell phones so you can contact them when they are on their way.

Many shipping companies outsource final-mile services to local companies wherein they lose control of the process. It is necessary to choose the best local company to handle the delivery of your products. When choosing local trucking services, remember that they reflect the retailer’s brand. If the driver is rude or late, or if the products are not delivered correctly, this will cause dissatisfaction for the customer and affect the company’s reputation.

Specialized equipment for specific cargo types

Here are some tips to consider when choosing local trucking services.

Tip 1. Choose Trucking Services with Enough Resources

Local trucking services must have enough resources to help them manage the delivery from beginning to end. Proper equipment and infrastructure ensure a seamless and efficient delivery. What this means for a trucking company is that the shipment will be transported on the specified delivery trucks under the control of professional drivers.

Other requirements for a well-equipped trucking service.

  • Shipment visibility or tracking capabilities for customers.
  • Standards set to decrease the risk of damage to the goods.
  • The local driver knows the roads and alternate routes and potential hazards.
  • The trucking services have greater accountability.
  • A local advantage to ensure that the deliveries will be on time.
  • Service is consistent since all deliveries will be done through the company’s trusted drivers and delivery trucks.

Tip 2. Consider Technological Advancements

In the last-mile service, the use of technology helps with the efficient delivery of goods. A trucking services company must have an integrated transportation management system to aid with the visibility of the entire operation. This will provide details such as shipment location, schedule efficiency, and other important aspects of logistics.

For example, if there is road blockage that causes traffic delays, the truck driver will be provided with an alternative route to help prevent further delay of the delivery.

Expertise in handling perishable goods

Here are some other benefits of using technology for the delivery and transportation of goods.

  • Delivery confirmation to inform the client that the delivery was made on time and with no delays.
  • Client interaction with regards to delivery date and location just in case of necessary last-minute changes.
  • Ability to capture performance data to help improve future deliveries and therefore customer satisfaction.
  • Assist in gaining important insight regarding deliveries, client satisfaction, and feedback, among other things.

If you need to ship time-sensitive goods and products and are based in Phoenix, Arizona, choose a professional trucking company like Trojan Horse Truck Services, where we provide trailer pickup and delivery services.

We also offer trucking services and trailer-spotting services for time-sensitive shipments to clients located in Phoenix, Arizona. With more than 30 years of experience in the trucking industry, we focus on client satisfaction by offering competitive rates and hiring professional drivers and operators in the area.

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