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Pickups and Deliveries

We are an Arizona intrastate drayage service. We send class 8 tractors to pull your trailers to and from your customer's job sites or wherever you need a pickup or delivery.

trailer spotter services

Have trailers in your dock and or company parking areas? We offer trailer spotter services to move those trailers between your desired locations.

You can count on us!

When we tell you we will do something for you, you can count on it! We hire the best owner-operators we can find and are proud to represent you!


We are Arizona's premier trailer delivery service!

Trojan Horse Truck Services was founded in Phoenix, AZ in 1985 by owner/operator Steve Romero. Steve started the company as the sole truck operator, but over the years he grew the business which led the company into a multi-truck operation. With over 30 years of truck operator experience, Steve has run a successful company by focusing on customer satisfaction, competitive rates, and by employing the best owner/operators around.

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Copyright © 2018 Trojan Horse Truck Services