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The trucking industry plays an important role in the development of commercial businesses that belong to different industries. Many industries hire trucking companies for their shipping and trailer pickup and delivery services. Most trucking companies have vehicles that they use for their operations, while others rely on leasing.

The trucking industry has become one of the leading indicators for the economy of a country. The early stages of an economic swing of a country start when clients require shipping goods which resembles strong business conditions. However, a decrease in the trucking demand may indicate that there is a plummet in the economic aspect of the country. 

The trucking industry is competitive. There are plenty of companies and operators that clients can choose from, such as privately owned carriers and even air transporters. Day-to-day operations are based on the relationship built with clients and operators. Trucking companies try to build a long-lasting relationship with their clients so that they can ensure repeat business. They always aim to provide excellent service to their clients to make sure they will stay and continue business with them. Since price competition is fierce, the operators of trucking services offer competitive rates with narrow margins. 

A trucking company aims to serve the needs of their clients, so they have trailers and tractors ready to provide their services. They always make sure to perform proper maintenance for the upkeep of their vehicles. Not only that, but they also hire professional drivers who meet the necessary qualifications. Fleet sizes may also depend on the current economic conditions.

Most of the time, the trucking company will adjust the number of their vehicles in operation, depending on demand. They can decrease the number of trucks in operation to avoid exceeding their capacity. They will adjust the supply according to the demand of their clients. If the company’s supply of tractors exceeds the demand of their clients, it can result in a decrease in the generated revenue for each vehicle. 

Ensuring cargo reaches its destination on time

What are the two primary segments within the trucking industry?

  • Truckload – Truckload carriers will fill a trailer with large amounts of freight from one client, and typically only have one destination. The freight will remain inside the same trailer until it reaches its designated destination. 
  • Less than Truckload – Truckload carriers will fill a trailer with a little amount of cargo from different clients, so this means they have different delivery destinations. The cargo shipped through LTL carriers is expected to have multiple stop-overs and can go through different terminals. They can also be transported via different vehicles before they reach their destination. 

Both trucking companies sustain a different network of terminals and distribution centers. 

Trucking companies are usually affected by seasonal factors. They usually experience an increase in demand during the 4th quarter of the calendar year, just in time for a lot of retailers to increase their stocks on their shelves for the upcoming holidays. LTL companies experience high demand because there are fewer needs to transfer huge amounts of similar freight. During the first quarter of the year, the business is lax for both carriers because this period usually experiences weather-related problems and interruptions. 

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What are the different expenses that affect the profitability of trucking companies?

The labor costs of a company can take a big chunk out of the earnings of a company. Trucking companies are required to hire professional and qualified truck drivers who can perform their job and responsibilities properly. They must have the needed experience and skills because they will be in charge of the transport of the freight of the clients.

The availability of qualified drivers is often limited, which is why there is constant competition among trucking companies. The companies offer competitive pay and provide benefits to attract qualified talent. 

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Fuel costs are also an important expense for a company. Long trips, heavy cargo, and large engines can affect the fuel consumption of the trucks. The cost of fuel is charged to the client via surcharges. When the fuel price increases quickly, this can affect the short-term profitability of a trucking company. That is why most trucking companies are more partial to relying on surcharges than fuel hedging strategies. 

What are the major industries that rely on trucking services?

The trucking companies provide logistics solutions for commercial businesses that need to transport their goods regularly. 

E-commerce Industry

The number of online retail stores is quickly growing. Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of clients have opted for online shopping and want to receive their orders quickly. Businesses are always looking for ways to rise above their competition.

They would want their business to be in the lead of other e-commerce companies that offer local shipping options. By choosing expedited shipping, trucking companies can give e-commerce businesses an advantage over their competitors as they will be capable of getting increased orders and more repeat clients. 

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies constantly need essential materials for their production. They will need to ship these materials so that they can maintain their operation by avoiding downtime, irrelevant inventory fees, and avoid missing delivery deadlines for their clients. They can avoid delays by using trailer pickup and delivery services. This will help them with shipping their goods and products to their retailers on time and allow you to keep their promises to their clients and distributors. 

Medical Industry

The medical industry will order and ship different medical devices and time-sensitive samples for laboratories, so it is necessary to choose an option that will allow them to quickly get them faster. This can save money and lives in the process. Expedited shipping can handle the cargo with care while observing shipping procedures.

They can easily ship medical supplies or devices, specimens or samples for laboratories, an organ for an organ transplant, and blood bags for transfusion, which can be time-sensitive products that need to be delivered as quickly as possible. 

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmacies constantly need to deliver and ship the correct medications from suppliers to their clients at the right time. Shipping and delivering medications is important. Delays and missed delivery deadlines can make a big difference in the quality of care the hospital and clinic patients will receive.

Using expedited shipping can ensure that the shipment of medicines is shipped by observing security and regulatory requirements that will preserve and secure the medications during shipment. They can make safe and fast deliveries by observing proper precautions. 

Seasonal Industry

Seasonal industries are businesses that sell once a year and holiday-themed goods. Using an expedited shipping provider will prevent their business from losing stock when a lot of customers are buying lots of your products. They can also help lower the company’s inventory fees.

Holidays like Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas products are in demand for a few weeks before the holidays. They have to avoid waiting for their shipment during these holidays as this can hurt their business and lose all their customers.  

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