Nowadays, trucking companies play an important role in the improvement of different industries especially e-commerce and online shopping. Most of the time a lot of individuals become surprised to know that trucking companies offer different services for their clients. Here at Trojan Horse Truck Services, we will be sharing with you an article discussing the different services that trucking companies offer. If you want to know more information, we encourage you to keep scrolling below. Hopefully, the following information from this article will be beneficial to you so that you can choose the right trucking service that your company needs. 

Trucking services are a form of ground freight; they are responsible for moving shipment from one place to another on land. Trucks do not use private roads, they use routes designated for moving cargo to deliver shipments for different client companies from various industries. When you choose to ship your goods through trucking companies, you can transport small or huge shipments or special cargo that is fragile and delicate and requires extra care during transport. As a business owner, when you ship by truck, you can enjoy plenty of benefits such as its cost-efficiency, especially if you need to move your goods via intrastate in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Trucking companies are commonly commissioned from a third-party logistics provider. They are logistics specialists that offer different services such as picking, fulfillment, warehousing, and other supply chain processes. Third-party logistics provider companies are hired by businesses that do not have their own trucks to handle in-house fulfillment. Fulfillment logistics is a section of the supply chain that covers the transport of client orders and cargo shipments, storing inventory in a warehouse, packing boxes, and delivering client orders with no delays and on time. 

3PLs are known to have a multi-truck operation and truck drivers that transport cargo and shipment from one point to another. Freight forwards often hire 3PL truckers to accomplish the last part of the journey, which is the delivery of the goods to the clients.

Experienced team of truck operators

What is the role of the local trucking company? 

Most of the time, a local trucking company plays two roles, they take on the roles of the first and last link in the supply chain. 

The first link

The cargo can be either be transported via land, air, or water. A trucking company will first transport it to a port (via sea) or airport (via air) before it embarks on a long-distance journey. The trucking company will pick up the freight or cargo from the warehouse or storage facility then deliver it to the next step of the logistics process where it will undergo processing and handling. Most of the products sold online by e-commerce companies have spent some time inside a truck even if the journey is only from the seaport to its warehouse. 

The last link

After having clearance from customs at the airport, or ocean port, the cargo must be delivered to the client’s home. It is an important step of the process. However, it is often overlooked most of the time. The most difficult part of the leg of the journey of the cargo which is international transit has already been completed, it is a common occurrence for cargo to become damaged or lost by local trucking companies. That’s why you must be smart when choosing a trucking company to deliver your goods. If you are based in Phoenix, Arizona, you must choose Trojan Horse Truck Services. 

If freight forwarders make a mistake in hiring a trucking company, their cargo can be easily prone to become damaged or lost. So you must be a responsible company owner, and choose the right trucking company so you can ensure that you will receive excellent service. If you are a freight forwarder, you must make sure to have built a strong professional relationship with local trucking companies in your area. This is important for your business when you are transferring goods. For an instance, you have delicate cargo that needs special care and attention during transport so you must only choose a reputable trucking company to handle your care with extreme care and caution.

What are the different types of trucking services?

There are lots of trucking services available, depending on your needs. Check out the different types of trucking services below so you can choose which one suits your business. If you have cargo or shipment that needs to be delivered fast, safe, and cost-efficient, you must understand your options accordingly to determine which trucking method will suit your company’s needs. 

Secure cargo transportation

FTL or Full Truckload

It refers to shipments that are big enough to fill a whole shipping container. A full truckload shipment is focused on the transport of one particular cargo load belonging to a single customer and does not include any other cargo.  It usually weighs around 10,000 to 64,000 pounds. Business owners usually prefer this type of shipment if their cargo fits a full freight trailer. It can also be used if they need a single truck trailer for their cargo. If you choose to ship FTL, it will allow you to have control over the timing and truck route compared to other shipping methods. 

LTL or Partial Truckload

It refers to shipments that transport a small-scale capacity of cargo that does not occupy a whole shipping container but weigh more than 100 pounds. Transport companies fill up the trailer load by consolidating different small cargo. LTL shipping is commonly recommended for cargo that weigh around 150-150,000 pounds. It is also known as Less than Truckload, this shipment allows business owners to ship their cargo on a truck along with others so they will only pay for the specific space that they consume during the transport. If you have a limited amount of cargo that needs to be shipped but do not need an entire truck, you must go for LTL. It is cost-efficient and convenient for those who have a limited budget. However, you must keep in mind that you do not have control over the shipping route and timing because you are sharing the cargo space with other customers. 

Flat Bed Trucking Service

This type of trucking service is perfect for effortless loading and unloading of shipments. It is recommended for transferring cargo that is packed inside shipping containers, vehicles, or other receptacles that are not prone to weather conditions. Industries like farming and construction industries are known for using flatbed trucking services because they need to transport and ship their huge equipment, machinery, and construction supplies. 

Expedited Trucking Service

This type of trucking service is also known as straight truck delivery service. It is the method used for transferring a shipment from one place to another whenever you are in a rush, anywhere and anytime. It is commonly used for shipment that is too big or too delicate to ship by air freight but is required to arrive at its destination quickly. 

On-demand pickup and delivery

Intermodal Freight Shipping

This type of shipping is done when your cargo is being shipped using different modes of transport. For example, you want to transport your goods using rail and trucking services as the combination of both is the most cost-efficient solution. Rail shipping is fast and can bring your cargo from one location to another, it is dependable, and cost-efficient however it is limited in the destination it is capable to bring the goods so you must hire a trucking company to bring the cargo to the final destination. A shipping container can be transferred via rail shipping from California to Arizona and then by truck to Phoenix, Arizona. 

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