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Searching for truck services to tow your trailers can be a grueling task with so many choices available. In this article, we will discuss the different features to consider when towing your trailer to help you make the right choice.
When planning a trailer towing, there are certain factors need to be considered. You must know the weight of your trailer when it is fully loaded and you must check the following features of a towing truck or tractor:

1. Towing capacity

The towing capacity is the maximum weight a towing truck can tow. It is important to think about this so you will the assurance that it can handle the weight of your fully-loaded trailer and that the transport of your goods will be done effectively and efficiently.

2. Wheelbase

The control and stability of the tow truck are affected by the distance of the front of the axle and rear axle of the vehicle. A class 8 truck or semi-truck has a long wheelbase and choosing it is the right choice for your trailer pick-up and delivery needs. Choose the best for your trailer pick-up and delivery needs. Trojan Horse Truck Services only uses class 8 tractors.

3. Curb Weight

The curb weight of a tow truck is its weight when the fuel tank is full and without any passengers or cargo allocated.

4. Fuel Efficiency

Nowadays, tow trucks are built lighter but are still powerful enough to transport heavy trailers. One of the best in the industry is the semi-truck or class 8 tractors, it is fuel-efficient, which helps the client save a lot of money during the transport of their trailers and goods.

5. Tow Package

Tow trucks that have tow package have better suspension, brakes, radiator, and transmission that make the tow truck more efficient and perform better. It is important to choose a capable tow truck like a class 8 tractor because it can handle towing heavy or loaded trailers.

6. Drive System

Tow trucks like class 8 tractors have 4×2 or 6×4 configurations. A tow truck must have an option for rear-wheel-drive because it can be focused on the axle that bears the most weight of the loaded trailer. It is important to consider the drive system as it can affect the control on the rear part of the vehicle.

There are a lot of things that you must consider when searching for truck services whether to pick-up and deliver your trailers. If you are based in Phoenix, Arizona choose only the best, and Trojan Horse Truck Services is the best choice for you!

If your choose Trojan Horse Truck Services, you will be in great hands. We always focus on providing our clients with excellent service with a focus on customer satisfaction. We also value your hard-earned money so we always make sure to offer competitive rates.

Lastly, we want to make sure to keep your valuables safe, so we only employ the best drivers, owners, and operators in the area. If there is a chance that you are not satisfied with our drivers, make sure to let us know immediately so we can provide a replacement for you.

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