Transport companies need dependable truck drivers in order for their service to flourish and to keep their professional reputation intact to maintain a steady client base over the years.

As a trailer moving company, we plenty a lot of experience with this and we know how hard it is to hire dependable truck drivers. We choose to work with truck drivers that we know that we and our clients can trust in. In this article, we will discuss to you the process on how to hire dependable truck drivers for your transport needs.

Hiring a Professional Truck

1. Interview process

When conducting interviews for your applicant truck drivers, it will make the process easier if you have one of your current drivers sit in the interview. Make sure to select an experienced driver to be a part of the interview team.

Allow your driver to ask the applicants the right and to let one of your HR staff give the guidelines when asking questions. Having an experienced driver on the interview team can go a long way in guaranteeing that you are hiring the right applicant for the job.

Your current driving staff member has valuable experience and knowledge of driving a truck. They will know job and industry-specific questions which can help determine the applicant’s background and knowledge. Their responses will help determine if they are a right fit for the job and have the skills that you need.

2. Include practical skills in the interview process

A practical skills interview must be included when hiring a truck driver. You will have the chance to test if they are a dependable truck driver or not.

You can check if the applicant knows how to properly drive the truck which will include truck-driving skills that they will need during a typical delivery job. These skills can range from basics like accelerating while changing gears, to more delivery-industry specific skills such as the right way to properly hook up air-lines and un-hook trailers. These are important skills which can affect the success of a job for your clients.

3. Check the CSA profile of the new driver

Check the potential truck driver candidate’s compliance, safety, and accountability profile during the interview process. By doing this, you can check if the truck driver applicant is prone to accidents and other roadside related incidents. This will help prevent hiring a driver who is careless when driving and is a huge liability risk.

Evaluate the skill-set of the new hire

Once you have hired a new truck driver, you should have one of your transportation personnel follow the truck driver while they are on the road so you can evaluate their skills while driving and if they are following the company’s rules and regulations.

You can do this after the orientation and training process. This will allow you to correct any mistakes and prevent it from happening in the future.

5. Job review and evaluations

When you hire a new truck driver, you should check their job performance within the first few months after hiring. You can discuss all the issues and problems they may have encountered on the job.

You can also ask the new driver about how they’re doing with the job, if they have comments or other concerns that they may have encountered during the day to day operations, and if they have any suggestions that they might want to share.

This allows you to get first-hand feedback and allows you to address their concerns as soon as possible.

Job review and evaluations

By following these tips during the hiring process, you are guaranteed dependable truck drivers for the job. Always keep in mind that having a reliable truck driver is important to your company’s day to day operations and will also reflect on the service that you provide to your clients.

Trojan Horse Truck Services only works with dependable truck drivers in order to maintain our clients’ trust in us. If you are searching for a company to move your trailers, you’ve come to the right place. reach out to us through our website form or give us a call at 602-332-0877 and we can get you set up for your next delivery job!