Five Tips About Trailer Pickup and Delivery to Keep In Mind
Trailer pickup and delivery services have become a popular service because there has been an increase in the supply and demand for supply chain businesses. In this article, we will be discussing the tips about trailer pickup and delivery that you need to keep in mind.

1. Research

Before you go and submerge yourself to transporting your goods via trailer pickup and delivery, you should learn about the different methods of shipment. You can ship your trailer and place your trust in a reliable company so you will have the assurance that your goods will be transported safely.

2. Read reviews

By reading the reviews, you will know if a trailer pickup and delivery company is trustworthy and your trailer and shipment will be in good hands. You can do research and ask around the industry or other trusted sources. You can check out different websites online that can help you decide which company can offer you a quality trailer pickup and delivery service.

Here at Trojan Horse Truck Services, we guarantee that your trailer will be delivered safely and securely. You do not have to worry about anything. We only hire professional drivers and experienced business owners to handle your trailers. Your business will be in good hands.

3. Never base your decision on price alone

There are plenty of trucking companies that can offer trailer pickup and delivery services at lower prices. You should always focus on quality over quantity because the cheapest option may not be the safest choice for you and your business.

Remember that your business relies on the safety of transporting your trailer from one area to another. Prices can be low because the company uses sub-par equipment and materials. This is a big no-no if you want your trailer to be transported securely from one area to another.

4. Stay away from transport brokers

Transport brokers are companies that bid your shipment to different shipping companies. This means there is a third party that will be handling your trailer. This can be dangerous because you do not know the company or the driver that will be in charge of the pickup and delivery of your trailer.

If you want a company that only hires professional truck drivers you should consider Trojan Horse Truck Services. Our drivers are trained to offer excellent customer service to guarantee a hassle-free pickup and delivery.

5. Prepare your trailer

If you have a specific schedule that you need to follow, you should discuss this ahead of time with the trucking company that will handle your shipment. Most companies need a window of time for the pickup and delivery.

You must also inspect your shipment before the trailer is picked up so you know the condition it is in upon pickup. If there are any damages, you must inform the driver and the company.

Trojan Horse Truck Services is a trailer pickup and delivery company founded by Steve Romero in Phoenix, Arizona during 1985. As an owner and operator of the company, he has more than 30 years of truck operator experience. Our company is focused on providing customer satisfaction, we also offer reasonable fees and we only hire the best owners and operators in the area.

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