Choosing a trucking company to handle your business’ logistics means that you should not only focus on the quotes provided, but you must also consider other factors, such as the type of service that will be available for you when you hire them, or how your budget can affect the number of services that are available to you.

You should make sure to double-check if the chosen trucking company is the right fit for your company and if they are the right choice to support your business. If you need help in choosing the right trucking company for your business’s needs, you’re in the right place. Trojan Horse Truck Services offers trailer pickup and delivery and trailer spotting services. In this article, we will be discussing how to choose the right trucking company in Arizona. If you want to know more information, make sure to continue reading below to find out. 

Check out the following tips below to learn the essentials of choosing a trucking company.

Experience and Skills

Experience and skills are important points to consider when choosing a trucking company. A company’s longevity simply means the company has a good track record, which is why their clients come back to them for their trucking service needs. 

A good trucking company will only last for a long time in the industry if they have a roster of customers that keep coming back. When a company is new to the market, there is a strong tendency for them to offer lower-priced services as they are trying to gain the attention of their target clients. 

These lower costs are usually targeted towards potential new clients. While lower costs are definitely tempting, you should take into consideration that this is their way of compensating for their lack of skills and experience. If you prefer a company with quality skills and proven experience, then you should choose Trojan Horse Truck Services. 

Newer and younger companies are prone to possible interruptions and can even cause the loss of revenue to your business. An older company that has proven skill and years of experience will always have the advantage over their younger competitors, despite their higher cost of services. 

This is because they are familiar with the different routes, roads, and have entrenched training programs for their truck drivers, etc. An older company has the stability which will help them experience fewer setbacks, so choosing them will be a great strategy for your business.  

Professional Truck Drivers

When choosing a trucking company, you must also make sure that they have professional drivers working for them. The safety of your products and goods, as well as the success of the delivery and transport of your freight, rely on the shoulders of the truck drivers.  

As a potential client, you can freely ask about the company’s truck drivers. You must hire a trucking company with professional drivers that hold licenses. Another thing that you need to look into is the truck driver’s work reputation and track record. You will want to make sure that there are no complaints from other clients in the past. 

Manpower and Equipment

When choosing a trucking company, you should also check the company’s available manpower and equipment. A reliable trucking company has the manpower and required equipment that will be used to properly load and deliver your shipment within a reasonable time frame. 

If a company does not have enough staff and equipment, you may have to pay extra as it will take them longer to carry out the tasks. This is especially true when loading the freight. A company may offer you two loading options, which are loose and palletized. Most businesses choose the palletized freight as it is easier and faster to load. It is also easier to secure and fasten the cargo into the truck with this method. If you choose the palletized option, the company must have access to a fork truck so they can load it easily with no issues. 

Some companies may choose the loose freight option as it can be easily stacked, but this needs to be loaded manually so the trucking company that uses this method must have a lot of manpower. If the company does not have a lot of staff, you may have to pay extra so that everything can be loaded with ease. You must make sure that the trucking company can handle your loading needs. Always let them know about your specific equipment or manpower needs before you hire them. 

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The trucking company’s staff members must be professional when doing their work. Pay attention to how they respond to your inquiries and questions about the company and the services that they offer. You must see how they interact with you on a personal level as it can affect your decision-making process when you are searching for a trucking company in Phoenix, Arizona. The last thing that you want is to work with a company that does not treat you with respect, or brushes away your questions without addressing them.

If the staff or the truck drivers of the company are unprofessional dealing with business matters it may also convey or reflect how they will handle your products and goods once you hire them. So you need to choose a company that has friendly and professional staff members. 

Load Size

When choosing a trucking company, you should also consider the load size. Most companies offer full-size loads while some only allow partial loads. If your company needs different load sizes, then you need to choose a trucking company that is capable of providing you with the services according to your cargo size needs. 

If the company that you hire is not capable of meeting all of your cargo size needs, then there is a possibility that you will have to switch from one company to another until your trailer pickup, delivery, and transport needs are met. Make sure to choose a trucking company that will meet all of your needs so that you can build a lasting business relationship with them. 

Always take the time to ask the trucking company if they are able to perform the job according to your needs so that it will make your job easier. Once you have received your cargo, you can concentrate on your company’s other tasks without worrying about your products or goods arriving at the specified destination safely. 

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Variety And Flexibility

When choosing a trucking company in Arizona, you should choose one that offers its customers different options when it comes to its services. Depending on your company’s business needs, you may have a need for different types of trucking services.

The needed service is highly dependent on the type of industry that you are part of. For example, retail shops, groceries, medicine suppliers, and manufacturers will each have different requirements from the trucking company, and the trucking company must be capable of meeting those specific needs. A good trucking company will always be willing to offer a specialized solution for every client that they work with.

Package Rates And Benefits

Before you choose a trucking company, feel free to check if they are offering promos and discounts when you avail of their services. Some trucking companies offer discount packages for clients that have high volume deliveries or for those who are long-term customers. 

You can ask them about terms and conditions that can affect their service rates and see how these can work to your advantage. Bonus tip: If you have established a good working relationship with the trucking company, they might offer you lower rates compared to others. The longer you work with a trucking company, the higher the possibility of getting competitive rates. 


You must find a trucking company that will make sure to deliver your products/goods at the specified time. Some trucking companies may offer you extra service assurances but they may offer this as an additional service with a corresponding cost. There may also be instances where delays can happen during deliveries, so you may have to ask the trucking company if they will assure you that your deliveries will be delivered on time and no delays will happen. 


When choosing a trucking company in Arizona, you will need to ask the following questions:

  • What happens when a delivery is late because of an error on the company’s side?
  • What is the company’s guarantee for the timely arrival of your freight?
  • Does the trucking company work around the clock? 
  • If the shipment arrives late, will it still be delivered on the same day?
  • Will they do urgent pickup and delivery? Is there an extra charge? If so, how much is the charge per mile distance? 

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Great Value For Money

When choosing a trucking company based in Arizona, you should always consider its value for money. Do not go for the company that offers the lowest price quote, you should also consider the different factors we have mentioned in this article. 

Make sure to take note of your budget and find a company that can meet your requirements while still managing to fit your budget plan. Always remember that whichever trucking company you choose can make or break your business, so make sure to take your time to decide which one will provide for your company’s needs.  

Choosing the right trucking company in Arizona can be quite difficult, so make sure to check out all the tips we have mentioned in this article. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision once you decide to hire one to work for your company’s trailer pickup and deliveries. 

If you want to hire a trustworthy trucking company, you must check out Trojan Horse Trucking Services. You can check out our rates and services here. Feel free to contact us through this contact form here if you have any questions. 

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