Trucking services are ground freight services that are responsible for moving your cargo from point A to point B. These trucks can deliver various shipments for different industries. Delivering cargo by truck permits you to move small or large shipments, most especially shipments that require extra care. Shipping by truck is also cost-effective, particularly, if you depart from a major port such as New York City or Los Angeles.

What Are the Different Types of Trucking Services?

There are a lot of trucking services that you can choose from and each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to ensure that your cargo will be delivered quickly, efficiently, and safely, then it is important that you have to know your options. In this way, you will be able to figure out which trucking method is appropriate for your business needs.

 LTL Truckload

Also known as Partial Truckload, this option is designed for shippers whose cargo is only small and will not fill the whole truck, however, it is more than 100lbs. LTL or Less than Truckload shipping permits shippers to place their goods on a truck along with the other cargo and what they will pay is only the space that is occupied by their goods.

This is a cost-effective way of shipping goods that do not need an entire truck. However, the drawback is you don’t have total control of the shipping routes and timing because your cargo is shipped along with the others.

FTL Truckload

A full truckload is an excellent option if you believe that your shipment will be able to fill an entire trailer. Or you require a dedicated truck just for moving your goods. By choosing FTL truckload, you can gain more control over your shipping route and timing compared to LTL shipping.

Refrigerated Trucks

Also referred to as Reefer Trucks, these temperature-controlled trucking services are meant for shipping perishable goods. These trucks are great for moving poultry, cheeses, produce, meats, and fish. Temperature-controlled trucks are also used for shipping chemical, medical, and pharmaceutical products as well as any other perishable goods.

These are special types of trucks that permit you to manage different varieties of conditions including humidity and temperature. You can efficiently monitor and track your goods; it comes in LTL or FTL options.

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Flatbed Trucking Service

Flatbed trucks allow you to easily load and unload your cargo. This type of truck is perfect if you are moving vehicles, cargo that is already packed in shipping containers, as well as any other items that are not vulnerable to weather. Typically, flatbed trucking services are used by farming and construction industries in shipping their building supplies and large machinery.

Intermodal Freight Shipping

Intermodal freight shipping refers to multiple ways of transporting your goods. For instance, a combination of using trucking and rail services could be the most cost-effective solution. Although rail shipping can be dependable, fast, and cost-effective, it has some limitations when it comes to the locations where the goods will be delivered. This is why a trucking service will be used for its final delivery to its destination.

Expedited Trucking Service

Also referred to as Straight Truck Delivery Service, is a way of transporting your cargo from one destination to another in a faster way anytime and anywhere. This service is perfect if you are moving too fragile or too large cargo that is not appropriate for air freight, but you still want to transport it in a faster way.

White-Glove Service

White-Glove Service is a specialty service that is perfect if you are transporting fragile items or you want someone to handle the packing and unpacking of the items. Compared to standard freight services wherein the cargo is already packed when it is picked up, white-glove services will arrive at the location and will do the packing and loading of the goods for you.

Trucking services will be used in transporting the goods to their destination. Then, they will do the unpacking of the items and get rid of all the packing materials. It is considered a complete solution.

How To Choose the Right Trucking Service

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When selecting the best trucking service for your shipment there are some factors that you need to consider. The following are some questions that can help you in figuring out what the best delivery service is to use. Be sure to prepare your answers when getting in touch with your cargo shipping service.

  • How much is your budget?
  • How large or small is your shipment?
  • Where should the shipment be picked up and delivered?
  • Are special conditions required for your goods?
  • How soon do you want your cargo to be delivered?
  • Do you require someone to do the packing and unpacking for you?

Why Use a Freight Forwarder?

A freight forwarder can help you in planning your shipment since they are a logistics expert. They will search for the right trucking service that matches your needs so your cargo will reach its destination safely and quickly. They can provide you with a stress-free, effective shipping solution.

Factors To Consider When Selecting the Best Trucking Service

Searching for the right trucking service company can be a stressful and daunting task. Once you start doing your research, you will discover that there are a lot of aspects that you need to look into with regard to trucking carriers and services. Generally, some of the important qualities that you have to look into are rates, speed, coverage, and reliability. However, finding the right trucking service company will require you to look beyond that.

Manpower and Equipment

Be sure to check the manpower and equipment of the trucking service company. A reliable company will have the appropriate equipment and staff needed for loading and delivery of the goods on time. Meanwhile, if the company does not have the right equipment and sufficient staff, then you might have to pay more since it will take some time before the task can be completed.

This is essential when you are required to load the freight. Most companies will let you choose from two different options – loose and palletized. Palletized freight is preferred by several businesses since it is faster and more secure to load. If you select the palletized option, then the company should have a fork truck that can be used for loading the cargo.

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Nevertheless, there are still some companies who prefer to choose loose freight. This will enable you to load more items into the truck by using loose freight since it can be stacked. However, it has to be loaded manually, which means that it requires more manpower. In case the company cannot provide appropriate manpower, then you might need to pay more to compensate for the time required in loading the items. The trucking service company that you must be able to handle all the loading requirements.

Time Needed

When you need to deliver some items and will require a trucking service, then it is significant that you should consider the time. Keep in mind that on-time delivery is an important factor when transporting cargo. Hence, when choosing a specific trucking service company, you should inquire about the time it will take for them to transport the items.

Size of the Load

The size of your cargo is also another important aspect to consider when choosing a trucking service company. Some companies will only do partial loads while other companies provide full-time loads. If you require both of these services, then it is a must to look for a company that offers both. This can prevent you from going back and forth between different companies just to accomplish your requirement.

Trucking Fleet

Although older trucks may not necessarily be bad, it’s much better to choose a trucking service company that has a newer trucking fleet. With newer trucks, you can guarantee their safety, and also includes the latest safety features. Hence, you can assure that your cargo will arrive safely at its destination.

Experience of the Company

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There are a lot of trucking companies out there. Some companies are capable of handling your freight while others are still new to the industry. If you prefer a company that can provide you with a smooth service, then you should choose a company that has been around in the industry for quite some time. You can also look into their customer reviews to check if they are a reliable company.

By choosing the right trucking company, you can assure that the job will be carried out smoothly. If you put your cargo in the right hands, then you can focus more on your primary task without feeling stressed about your transportation requirements.

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